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Referee Structure

Southern District Referee Registor          Dan Lusicic  618-560-1376   
SISL Head Referee   
Assistant Head Referee  
Area Director of Instructions  

Area Director of Assessments

Joe Heyden, 618-830-0091


Jane Raede, 618-558-1553
Assignor                                      Kenny Daniels, 618-223-9602


US Soccer Resource Center

The US Soccer Resource Center provides up to date information about the US Soccer Federation Referee Program. Check out the website for more information. 

SISL Referee Documents

SISL Policy on Referee Payment for League Games

Background Check


Illinois Referee Soccer Committee Links

Assault/Abuse Procedures

Maintenance Requirements



Referee Upgrade Process

PLEASE READ 1-8 before starting the process:

  1. Allow 2 outdoor Soccer Seasons for completion of Upgrade Process (may not take this long, but please allow for this time frame).
  2. PLEASE USE USSF Game Record Form posted - DO NOT change or make up your own form.  Otherwise, will be returned to be submitted on correct form. 
  3. ALLOW 6-8 WEEKS for review and approval of game record (may not take this long, but please allow for this time frame).
  4. Game Record Form (Game Record is cumulative, NOT for an individual year)
  5. ASSESSMENT REQUESTS must be submitted to the ISRC Office on the appropriate form, with payment, at least 2 weeks prior to the game (do not email or fax).  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! (Game Record must be approved before ANY assessments can be scheduled).
  6. Any out-of-state assessment MUST be pre-approved by the SDA with notification made to the ISRC Office.
  7. Upgrade Assessment Form to Grade 6 (ALL games must be USSF-affiliated games.   Tournament Games do NOT count for upgrade to Grade 6.)
  8. Final Request Form  Submit Form and Check to Illinois Soccer Referee Committee, 1655 S. Arlington Heights Office, Suite 207, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 after you have successfully completed all requirements. 


  • GAME RECORD--Cumulative (75 games as a Center Referee assignment at U-16 and above) submitted to info@IllinoisSoccerRefereeCommittee.org
  • GRADE 7 CLINIC/Exam with minimum score of 80%.
  • FITNESS TEST or ASSESSMENT - not required to upgrade, but will need to maintain if doing certain level games. 
  • If Fitness Test and Assessment is required, will need to take USSF Women's Referee Interval/Sprint Fitness Test and have one assessment in the center. 


  • GAME RECORD MUST be submitted and approved before any assessments may be scheduled.  Submit to Info@IllinoisSoccerRefereeCommittee.org.   (Required to have 100 Centers and 25 AR's as follows): 
  • 75 Centers at U-17 and above AND,
  • 25 Centers on Division 1 games, for a total of 100 Centers, AND
  • 25 AR's at U-17 and above.
  • STATE Clinic/Exam with minimum score of 80%
  • FITNESS TEST (must pass USSF Women's Referee Interval/Sprint Fitness Test
  • ASSESSMENTS (must wait 6 months from date of last upgrade before requesting assessments).  MUST pass two field assessments in the Center (one must be on an adult league Division 1 game), and pass one field assessment as an Assistant Referee in U-17 competitive league or higher.  




This is the link to FIFA's most recent publication of the laws of soccer.

Certification Clinics
Check out the website on Illinois Soccer Referee Committee for current clinics. 
Need a Uniform


*******************PLEASE READ*********************


- Entry clinics must ATTEND BOTH DAYS

- Recert clinics ATTEND EITHER DAY

- Three years since last recert must attend entry clinic

********************PLEASE READ********************



Granite City Entry clinic - must attend both days

Entry level - new referees  

Jan 21 and 22, 2016

Location: SWIC - San Wolf Campus - 4950 Maryville Rd., Granite City, IL 62040 


Time: 9:00AM-5:00PM (Both days)

Point of Contact:   Dan Lusicic  618-560-1376 


Fee (Clinic/License): $ 75.00 (Check to "ISRC"or Cash ) for grade 8if pre-registered   $85 if walk in.  




• New Referees -- never been certified by USSF (certifies you to do BOTH centers and lines) 
• Grade 9 Recreational Referees who wish to upgrade to Grade 8. Must attend BOTH days. 

COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO CLASS: (LINKS for requirements can be found on CLINICS page of our website) 
• Registration Form--now online (complete, sign, and bring to Clinic) 
• Concussion Awareness Course (bring Certificate to Clinic - DO NOT e-mail or tax to Office.) 
• Background check, if 18 or older



Granite City RECERT Clinic

Jan 21 and Jan 22 RE-CERT CLINIC (Attend either day)


Location: SWIC - San Wolf Campus - 4950 Maryville Rd., Granite City, IL 62040 

Room: TBD

Time: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM(both days)


Point of Contact: Dan Lusicic  618-560-1376 

Fee (Clinic/License): $75-Gr.8; $80-Gr.7; $110-Gr.5,6,13,14,15,16 Referees; Referee Clinics; Entry Clinic LATE FEE OF $10 if not pre-registered

What to Bring: Registration Form completed and signed, Concussion Awareness Course certificate, two #2 pencils, pen and paper for notes, bottled water, and sack lunch.


PRE-REGISTER - Jan 21 - click here 

PRE-REIGTER - Jan 22 - click here 


For additional dates for clinics - click here